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Sommelier Diploma Program

The International Sommelier Guild is the professional Sommelier Certification body that accredits through Sommelier courses with direct instruction.

Upon successful completion of the Sommelier Guild Program SDP, you will become a member of the International Sommelier Guild. We strive to support the professional development of our members including a referral program for career opportunities and sponsorship of exclusive member tastings and events. You will not only graduate with a certificate that designates you as a leader in wine, you will become a part of a community that strives to help each other grow.


An intensive and unique program that certifies and accredits Sommeliers. The International Sommelier Guild is the only professional body that accredits Sommeliers by direct instruction (whether online or in class) with standardized published materials.

The program provides graduates with the utmost of professional tools and vocational competencies in order to climb up in the industry and become leaders.

The ISG is the only institution to have directly and uniquely developed curriculum and extensive course books published for the courses that enables you to become a highly professional Sommelier.

The sommelier certification is designed to see that a student had been able to indeed absorb the width and detail that is required to work at the highest levels of wine industry worldwide.

We teach not only wine and spirits for the hospitality industry, but also within the wine business, industry tendencies of the 21st century’s ever-changing world, marketing and new-media to ensure that our graduates are adept at their knowledge and understanding to help them to become successful. For more information on our special developed curriculum please click here

What you learn, what you get? With our personalized approach to learning, we are not only able to tell you, but also to show you how to evaluate a wine, critique it, decant it, serve, and store it.

Industry experts lead all of our lectures be it online or in class. The curriculum covers everything from viticulture, vinification, tasting techniques, cellaring, investment strategy, menu design, and regional analysis of wines, spirits, and ales.

As the ISG is the only Sommelier educational body that has developed and standardized its own learning materials, you will get:
  • A unique sommelier book that was written and published by us for the strict training of sommeliers and was not attempted since 1822 on such a level. For more information about our unique book, please Click here
Course structure and requirements: The program is an intensive 30 session course

All sessions have a structural set-up and consist of: Lecture, Tasting, Review and Quiz regardless of online or in class delivery. The course is 300 clock hours in total. You will need a 10 to 1 ratio of additional self-study hours to complete the course successfully. Successful completion of AWC is required for admittance into ISGM diploma.

Note: You will get ALL LEARNING MATERIALS, standardized and structured, as the ISG is the only Sommelier educational body that HAS its own learning materials, published books and standardized curriculum!

Examination is composed of 6 different components.

Our grading method is standardized and consistent for each and every student.

Please remember that in order to successfully complete your diploma you must attain no less than 75% in each of your six components. For more important information about the examinations, click here

Course topics overview (Syllabus) - click here.

If you would like a general overview of the course structure and syllabus it has been provided here. For an extensive detailed breakdown of the syllabus, AWC students can email directly to